For foreigners who prefer Japanese, about the excellence of calligraphy(日本語を好む外国人の方へ、書道の素晴らしさについて)

Japanese Calligraphy

For foreigners who prefer Japanese tattoos, we would like to introduce the advantages of shodo.

The Beauty of Characters Calligraphy is the art of writing beautiful characters. Calligraphers use brushes to draw lines and create characters. Even a single stroke of a character can express a person’s individuality and sensibility. The impression of a Japanese kanji character can vary greatly depending on the length and angle of the line and the way the brush is used. Calligraphy allows you to enjoy the beauty in the characters.

Self-expression through experience Calligraphy is not only about the characters, but also about the materials used, such as brushes, ink, and paper. The calligrapher expresses his or her own experience with the materials. They can express themselves by finding the way they like to express themselves through the way they brush, the density of the ink, the texture of the paper, and so on. In addition to technique, calligraphy can also express one’s state of mind and emotions.

Calming Effect Calligraphy has a calming effect on the mind, as writing letters with a brush helps to increase concentration and calm the mind. Writing with a brush activates both the hands and the brain at the same time, which in turn activates the brain. Using a brush also exercises the muscles of the wrist and fingers.

As mentioned above, calligraphy offers the beauty of letters, opportunities for self-expression, and a calming effect. If you are interested in Japanese tattoos, why not try your hand at calligraphy?

If you have any Japanese words you would like a calligrapher to write, please feel free to e-mail us in English.

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  1. 文字の美しさ 書道は文字を美しく書く芸術です。書道家は筆を用いて線を引き、文字を作り上げます。文字の書き方ひとつとっても、その人の個性や感性が表れます。日本語の漢字は、線の長短や角度、筆の使い方によって印象が大きく変わります。書道は、文字に込められた美しさを楽しむことができます。
  2. 経験を通じた自己表現 書道は、文字だけでなく、筆や墨、紙などの素材も重要な要素です。書道家は、自分自身の体感を素材に表現します。筆の運び方や墨の濃さ、紙の質感など、自分が好きな表現方法を見つけ、自分自身を表現することができます。また、書道は技術だけでなく、心の状態や感情も表現することができます。
  3. 心を静める効果 書道は、筆を用いて文字を書くことで、集中力が高まり、心を静める効果があります。筆を使い、文字を書くことによって、手と脳が同時に働くため、脳の活性化にもつながります。また、筆を使うことで手首や指の筋肉を鍛えることもできます。